Seas of Kansas Open Beta only at NJ Gamer Con 2018

A once in a lifetime opportunity, only at NJ Gamer Con 2018.

The Seas of Kansas open beta starts at NJ Gamer Con

Come join the Seas of Kansas Open Beta.   Sign up to receive a digital copy of the betatester’s guide or purchase a printed copy at our  events.

A revolutionary survival horror RPG from the creator of Dark Refuge and The Time Shredders.

Players take on the role of Search and Rescue operatives heading into a modern city that has been flooded by rising waters.

Their goal: recover a proprietary prototype, rescue a VIP, and get back out of the flooded city safely. Arrayed against them is a conspiracy of corporate goons (and their dangerous experiments), opportunistic mercenaries, and neo-nazis.

With an exciting player-driven cover system, unlockable metaphysical abilities, and a team dynamic designed to empower the players to roleplay their characters to the max, you should be playing Seas of Kansas.

And the only place you can get in on Seas of Kansas is at NJ Gamer Con and the only day to play Seas of Kansas live will be Saturday July 7th, so make sure to come down and play!

Event 1 Saturday: Seas of Kansas: A Turd Gator got my Leg

Begin your day in style. Raid an Oblivate Industries laboratory to rescue a scientist, and learn the real truth behind the flooding in Seas of Kansas. But when the other experiments at the lab get loose, it will be a fight for survival against the horrors being weaponized by the corrupt corporation.

(Starts at 11 am) Ages 16 and Up


Event 2 Saturday: Seas of Kansas: A Deadly Storm

After a successful mission into the bones of the city, your Search and Rescue team is stranded on the Inland Coast. Surrounded by polluted waters infested with sludge sharks, you must survive twenty four hours while a deadly storm batters the coastline. As the stress of the situation rises, some of your comrades begin experiencing strange metaphysical phenomenon.

You and your team will have to figure out what threats are coming from outside, and what dangers come from within. Luckily for you, your team has the skills to survive.

(3pm start) Ages 16 and Up

Make sure to come to NJ Gamer Con 2018 running from (7/6,  7/8, 7/9)

If you purchase a convention ticket to NJ Gamer Con  and present it at our events, we will even hook you up with a free digital copy of the betatester’s guide as a gift for attending NJ Gamer con 2018.


Indie Games Day 2017; Featuring Wisdom Vault’s new Game SEAS of KANSAS!

Indie Games Day 2017;  Where Gamers of all ages and  backgrounds come to get their Game on!

It’s an outdoor geek-out camp-arific event. Game all day then camp the night away!

#IGD is the illegitimate love child of Woodstock and Tabletop gaming. This truly unique event will be celebrating its fifth year running!

Wisdom Vault Products will be running demonstration games of our new game product SEAS of KANSAS!  Try this unique gaming experience at Indie Games Day and get your betatester copy live at Indie Games Day 2017!

Important Information
Independent Games Day is a celebration of play, independent tabletop games, roleplaying and creating great experiences.
This is a FREE Event (no admission fee) and is hand crafted with love. The people involved are donating their time and resources to make this event happen.

Saturday August 5th 2017

Arrive at 10am to sign up for the Games and Events

 At the Oswald Family Manor
1150 Pazzelli Rd, Windsor, NY 13865-2222, United States

This is an intimate gaming weekend, even if we do have extensive room for those camping over for the night.

So Please
-Treat everyone with respect and leave your beef at home. Come with love and fun in your hearts to make this a great and memorable event.

-There will be trash receptacles available. Please pick up after yourself and leave this space as or better than you found it.

-We are not your babysitters and expect you to abide all laws. Nothing spoils fun like a visit from the po po or unhappy neighbors. We want this event to reflect the best of who we are as people and gamers so that others look forward to our presence in the area.

-When you arrive, you MUST sign in.

-Cosplay IS encouraged.

-Share your media with us and vlog, blog, tweet, FB, youtube, vimeo, Update your status, Interview create, innovate, aggregate. Feel free to take pictures, video etc but ask others you will be capturing for digital immortality for their permission. We will try to have special areas for interviews/vlogs etc. We will add media during and after this event of IGD. You can add pictures directly to this app. Remember gamers: sharing is caring.

-Don’t be an arse or you will be tossed. We reserve the right to eject anyone we feel can’t play nice with the other kids.

– Anyone who breaks our Harassment Rules will be banned for life.

-Bring your camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, lawn chairs, flashlights, umbrellas etc…) BUT NO FIRE. Leave the BBQ at home unless asked by staff to bring it.

-Bring food and water!

-After the games you don’t have to go home. You can stay here on the grounds OVERNIGHT for a Camping Gaming experience.

We will be booting everyone off the premises on Sunday at 11am, the day after Indie Games Day.

-Make sure to come ready to have an epic time!!

Brought to you by Dark Refuge Games,  Windmill Game Co.  and Wisdom Vault Products.

***If you want to learn more about the exciting new Seas of Kansas, come to Independent Games Day on August 5th 2017.***

Baby’s First Book of Euphemisms, the Perfect Gift!


Come get your Copy now at

This cute, warmhearted, laugh-out-loud book is a satire in the style of the “Baby’s First” books we all grew up with.

Combining full color pictures that could be appropriate for all ages, based on terms that are euphemisms and innuendo, this book will bring you joy.

Perfect for expecting parents, newlyweds, and anyone stuck around children all day.

A Great Gift for Baby Showers and Bridal Parties.

Pick up a copy today!

Wisdom Vault is proud to announce the release of Baby’s First Book of Euphemisms by our 2nd new author Allison Oakes.  With cute and warm illustrations by B.G.Osorio, this book could sit on your baby’s shelf and no one would know its adult sense of humor.

You could read it with a child in the room, and they would never know why you are laughing.